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We live in an age when security can no longer be viewed simply in terms of locks and keys, security cameras and intruder alarms. In a world where organisations are threatened every day by external factors totally beyond their control but where more than ninety percent of workers admit to having stolen from their employer at some time in their career.

Who can you trust? Without thoroughly defined and enforced policies and procedures, how can you expect your workforce to know what is expected of them and what is not? When every computer system upon which your business relies (including your security systems) require user-name and password authentication, how could you consider running your business without a proper identity management system in place?

Risk management is rapidly becoming a cross-functional responsibility in modern organisations, covering everying from HR security and employee vetting through business management, procedures and standards, to physical security, identity management and business continuity planning.

ipvideo.ie is the first organisation in Ireland to embrace the new vocabulary of holistic security management, bringing together expertise on organisational, information and physical security, communicating internaltional best practice in these fields and introducing the new and emerging technologies that are beginning to supercede the outdated and ineffectual security systems of the past.


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